There is a thin line between the two. Many people who are actually complacent tell the world they are content and end up doing nothing. Contented persons put out as much effort as greedy people, but are free from the fruit of their labor. They do not sit idle and waste their lives away. They are people of action and end up doing a better job, as they are not attached. A complacent person uses God and, without doing anything, says, “Whatever the Lord gives me is fine.” The contented person offers everything to the Lord without even seeking the blessings of the Lord. That person has discovered and experienced deep inner peace. Contented people may strive to become billionaires, world champions, superstars, and yet, if they have no money, name, and fame, they are unaffected. So, to my complacent friends: Please do not be content with your complacency. — Satish Daryanani