A. Most people who pray to the Lord do so as compiling a grocery list; they have a whole bunch of requests. Then, they do not even wait to let the Lord answer in His soft, sweet voice. They feel He must be deaf. Their whole life has been spent only in this one-way conversation with the Lord. First, try to talk to the Lord without asking anything. Like a friend, just speak from your heart. Then, please, I beg you to sit in silence and you will, for the first time, hear His voice. Later, His words will turn to experiences. One day, you might get messages, not only for you but to share it with others. As you develop this relationship, you will realize so many things that it will be hard to put into words. In the beginning, do not get confused about whether it was your mind playing tricks or the Lord answering, or talking, to you. The only way to get His answer is when you are free from the answer to the question you asked. Enjoy Him. That is all I can say.—Satish Daryanani

Notebook with prayer list