Some people believe these statements are true: Cigarettes are cool. Guns are needed. Coal is good. Killing others in the name of religion will lead you to heaven. There are so many things we are convinced are good for us. Even if you buy something at a good value, another storekeeper can convince you that you have overpaid, and you lose your peace. The master of convincing is our mind. The mind can make us feel tired or rejuvenate us based on what we are going to do. We can feel we are sick if we have to go to a spiritual retreat, but the mind can convince us we are well enough to go for a movie.  We can even try to convince ourselves we are happy. If you keep justifying your life, saying you are happy, you are actually not. You need not convince yourself and others about your happiness. True happiness is never mentioned. It is a by-product of peace and contentment. It is shown by the expression of the inner joy, that carefree life that comes from wisdom. Convincing others that you are spiritual or have inner or material wealth only shows you are seeking it. The one who has everything does not need to convince anything to themselves or others. Be a well-anchored person in your convictions and in your journey in life. Let the convincing power of your mind, or other’s, not sway you from your true self. — Satish Daryanani