I love cookies so much that, when someone makes them well, I wish I could have them daily. I would love to get the recipe. Yet, if I had them daily, the taste would not be the same. You truly enjoy them when they are fresh and taken in small doses. Let people around you treat you like a good cookie. They should feel they did not have enough of you. They should want you to stay longer and meet you often. I know a Master who does not stay longer than one week in any place. He does not overstay his welcome. This way, no one gets fed up with you. When you overindulge in anything, the flavor is not the same. Even the Masters should feel they did not get enough of you. This way, the longing remains. Many relationships break up because of too much togetherness. Everything should leave you wishing you had more. If you overstuff yourself, you will lose interest. I long to go back soon to the place where I can enjoy those cookies again. — Satish Daryanani

Chocolate cookie with heart sugar dusting