Writing about cooking may be the greatest joke of my life. This is a person who can barely toast a slice of bread. Yet it is an important subject, as I love good food. This talent of cooking is one of the greatest gifts from God. Some fortunate souls just have a knack for cooking. Others work hard and struggle. One of easiest way to win the hearts of spiritual Masters is by being a good cook. Cooking requires love, dedication, compassion, focus, and, above all, patience. If you have all these gifts you can experience God just by cooking. The aroma and mouth-watering taste can even make God leave the heavenly world to taste your food. If God does not come, I will represent Him to enjoy the tasty food. Cooking is one of the best offerings as a service to humanity. You end up with more blessings than even saints receive. You make people say, “Thank you, God for this delicious food.” A good cook can heal better than can a doctor and can bring on a smile faster than a comedian. All things can be forgiven with a delicious meal. Inspire people to go to the gym as long as the food is good. So cooking is a gift I may get in my next life, as I only have good taste buds in this life. — Satish Daryanani

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