We can get sued for copying pictures, ideas, designs, or concepts of others without permission. Sometimes things are similar and, without knowing some aspects, it may look like you are copying someone else. This issue occurs in every field of life. Except, in the history of humanity, you have never heard of a lawsuit filed in spirituality. Everything spiritual that comes is free and should be given freely. It belongs to no one nor is any effort put into it. All that is required is letting go and letting wisdom pour in. Many times, it will appear as if you are copying. The source is the same, just a slight difference in words. If the teachings of my spiritual Masters were copyrighted, I would be in court most of my life. The joy of the Masters is that someone is spreading the teachings. Everywhere I go, one thing is the same—people want to be enlightened and become realized souls. They do not get it just because they want it. If from the bottom of your heart you only want to spread the teachings and nothing else, everything comes to you. You get access to the same library of information with no profit and nothing to gain. When you are ready, it happens. — Satish Daryanani