Those who are blessed with gifts do have to pay a cost for them. Many singers get name and fame yet end up taking sleeping pills, drugs, and alcohol. They lose their privacy and go through major ups and downs of fame. If you have the gift of predicting the future, the suspense in your life is gone. We seek gifts but do not see the price we have to pay on the other side of the coin. Even billionaires like Bill Gates sometimes feel that they are seen only as a walking talking checkbook. The gift of spiritual awakening also comes with a cost. Try to live like a normal person, doing your day to day duties, knowing that everything is a dream and nothing is real. Getting the gift of seeing God in everyone makes it hard to negotiate in business dealings. Knowing that you are a liberated soul and that this is your farewell trip, you do not get attached to anything or have any unfulfilled desires. Gifts are wonderful. Do not seek them. If you receive it, pray that it does not go to your head. And if it is taken away, you are now free from the burden of the gift.— Satish Daryanani