Today being Halloween, people put on costumes and go out. They may dress as a superhero or a comedian or even a president. Many years ago, I wore a costume as Swami Vivekananda, a great saint. Some people came and touched my feet to seek blessings. At that moment, I realized the power of costumes. We have to play a part. Being a saint for a few hours, I got to appreciate what it is to be a saint. As soon as the outfit came off, I went back to enjoying being a saint-in-the-making. It is more fun being around a saint than being one. There are too many responsibilities that come with being a saint, too many blessings to give. The costume given to each one of us in this lifetime is chosen by us for this 80-year Halloween party. Once a year, we can change the costume to appreciate the one we already have. It may or may not be perfect for the rest of the world but it is perfect for me. I even chose my Buddha belly. So, today, have fun being someone else, but, thank God for letting us be who we are. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Vivikananda