We all are crazy for things. I am crazy about desserts, movies, travel, business, and, above all, being with spiritual Masters. When I was younger and had a healthier body, I wanted to become the best basketball player. Later, I felt the craze to lose myself completely at the feet of the Lord—that craze where nothing else matters. When you do receive this gift, there comes another craze:  to inspire others to have the same craze for the Lord. You lose yourself in a love where everything else has no value. No words can describe that. In that kind of craze, you sing and dance, expressing the joy of being with God, time stands still, and every breath is spent on trying to tell others about this ecstasy. In that craze the world will think you are crazy. Forget the craze for a new boyfriend or girlfriend. This joy is far, far greater than that. The ones who have this craze do not understand how people pray to have craze for the Lord. Instead we should pray to get a break from the craze for God. “God, You are driving me insane. Please leave me alone for a few minutes and let me enjoy Your creation.” — Satish Daryanani

Woman in field praying