February 23

God is very close to you. He abides in your heart. Closer is He than the breath; nearer than hands and feet! He is your very self or atman.

Strive to know God. Seek the company of sages. Lead a life of selfless service, renunciation, dispassion, prayer and meditation. Have self-conquest. Control the mind. You will attain perfection and peace.

* * * * *

The divine grace is life’s greatest treasure. If there is self-surrender, there is the inflow of grace. Lord’s grace will descend in proportion to the degree of surrender. The more the surrender, the more the grace.

Supreme love comes only by the grace of God. Grace of God will make you stick to the spiritual path.

* * * * *

Japa is the recitation of Lord’s name. Japa is an important sadhana (practice) for God-realisation.

Japa yoga is the easiest, safest and surest way of attaining the goal in the present age.

Repeat 200 malas (rosary of 108 beads) of japa daily. Do monumental japa. Practice of japa brings the devotee face to face with God.

* * * * *

Japa yoga is the yoga of recitation of the mantra (or name of the Lord). There is a mysterious power in every name of the Lord. A name or mantra is recited in three ways, viz. verbal or loud utterance, semi- verbal or humming, and mental. Mental japa is more powerful.

Let the recitation of japa become habitual. Do purascarar:a – do one lakh (one hundred thousand) of japa for each letter (of the mantra). Live on milk and fruits. Observe brahmacarya during this period.

* * * * *

Prayer is not asking. It is the yearning of the soul for communion with God. Sincere prayer draws the grace of the Lord. Prayer is a mighty spiritual force. It should spring from the bottom of your heart.
Pray sincerely, fervently, whole-heartedly. Then alone will God listen to your prayer.

Swami Sivananda

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