May 4

There is nothing eternal but He and there is no God besides Him. He is neither body, nor shape, nor form, nor person. He is caitanya (or absolute pure consciousness). God is formless and yet He is the form of all forms.

God’s beauty is love and His love is beauty. There is a power higher than yours, little man! Some of your desires are realised but many are thwarted. There is an over-ruling power which brings results and consequences, irrespective of your wishes and volition. This power is God.

Man has no volitional power or control over events. He is not a dictator of the future. God draws him hither and thither as he deserves. When there is an engine, there must be an engine-driver to control and direct it. Mind is the greatest engine and the engine-driver is God – He is the mind of all minds.

God possesses the eight supreme attributes: absolute self-control, absolute purity, absolute intuition, omniscience, absolute freedom, boundless grace, omnipotence and boundless bliss.

Mind is a power of God. Energy is a power of God. Matter is a power of God. God is not only all power, all-wisdom, he is all-embracing love who freely gives his grace. Love is joy – the divine power is wisdom and love combined. There is no separation between divine power, wisdom and love. There is no copyright in God – His property is for universal use. Tulsidas and Mira saw God with their fleshy eyes – you too can see God with your normal eyes. You must go through the necessary disciplines and destroy egoism.

My God thou art my hope, my rest, my delight, my centre, my ideal, my goal, my soul, my all-in-all.

O Lord! I am in you and you are in me. I am He whom I love and He whom I love is I.

O wisdom divine! Enlighten my mind. O love divine! Fill my heart with purity.

Swami Sivananda

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