Actions which are of a binding nature lose that nature when you do them with equanimity or evenness of mind through the help of pure reason, which has lost all attachment to sensual objects and which is resting in the self. You will have to cultivate and develop this pure reason and equanimity of mind.

God has given this marvelous machine to man for service of humanity and thereby attaining an immortal life. If he uses this body for satisfaction of petty desires and selfish ends, he becomes an object of pity and condemnation. He is caught up in the wheel of birth and death. Rest the mind in the self or God when you perform any action. He who has developed pure poised reason and who is resting in the self, is quite aware that all actions are done by the divine actor within (antaryamin). He is perfectly conscious that God really operates in this body-machine and moves this machine.

This yogi of equanimity or evenness of mind now understands fully the fundamental principles that govern all bodily actions. He performs all actions for God’s sake in fulfillment of his purpose without desire for fruit and eventually attains the everlasting peace.

Merit and demerit (puṇya and pāpa) do not affect the karma yogi who has evenness or equanimity of mind, for he exults not over the good fruit of the one nor worries over the bad fruit of the other. He has equanimity of mind in success and failure. His mind is always resting in God all the while. Works which are of a binding nature lose that character when performed with a balanced mind. The karma yogi has no attachment to sensual objects. He has purified his mind by constant selfless service. He has given up all idea of agency. He treats the body as an instrument of God, given to him for the fulfillment of his purpose. He attributes all activities to the divine actor within. He who is established in the yoga of equanimity becomes an expert in the science of karma yoga.


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