October 19

Know that you are being guided by God. Whatever situation is presented to you is presented by God. You should realize that. You may have a parent, a boss, someone who is in charge of you, but the true Chief Administrator is God and no other authority.

Don’t worry about administrators or outside authorities. Just do your job as well as you can. Don’t be afraid of losing your job, or of anyone or anything. To have a calm and serene mind, you must put complete trust in God. God has brought you this far, and the same God will guide you continuously.

If worldly administrators don’t appreciate you, don’t worry. The Chief Administrator will put you  somewhere  else. Remember, we are serving God. All the rest is secondary. That confidence alone will help you. When you do things with total faith, total confidence, even the ordinary administrators will recognize and appreciate it. They will hesitate to interfere in your work. They will be afraid of you. Let them see your faith and the courage based on that faith in your actions. You can do that only if you develop total, implicit faith in that guidance.


Swami Satchidananda

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