July 5

Experience is never possible without consciousness. Anything that is eternal must be infinite and unlimited. Consciousness is unlimited; the consciousness of limitation shows that consciousness is greater than limitation. Perfection is the attainment of immortal life or pure consciousness. The enquiry of, “Who am I ?” leads to self-realisation (Brahma-joana). Divine wisdom can be attained only by those who are endowed with purity. Tear the veil. Realise the reality.

Pain is the effect of not having what is wanted, or having what is not wanted. Brahman is secondless. There is no pain or want in Brahman. Therefore pain is impossible in the absolute. Contact is the mother of pain. The absolute can have no contacts and therefore no pain. Brahman is free from all wants and desires because it includes everything in itself. Therefore it is an embodiment of bliss.

Bliss is not an attribute. It is the very constitutive essence of the self, or atman. As the self is absolute in nature, its bliss is also absolute in nature, its bliss is also absolute. This is the same as Brahman.

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Annihilate the ego. Reach the goal here and now. Take the inner essence and attain perfection. Relax not the keen vigilance against your most subtle foes – egoism and desire. Where can you see the Lord? I found the Lord where ‘I’ did not exist.

Where there is no sense of ‘I’, there is liberation. It is bondage to have the sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Identify with the all-pervading soul (atman). You will attain immortality. This is the secret of eternal life.

With the growth and expansion of your inmost being, you attain greater perfection and fulfillment of yourself, and bliss is the result thereof. Purge yourself from self-seeking and egoism. Escape from space-time limitation. Lose all sense of separateness. Unite with Brahman or the absolute. The practice of the presence of God will cause the ego-veil to dissolve.

Divine love will now manifest and eternal bliss will flow in. The Lord’s grace is ever upon sincere, selfless souls.

Swami Sivananda

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