Suppose we dream of pretty girls at night, we will then look at and admire women during the day. We will not look at and admire handsome men. If we dream of satisfying our pleasures at night, we will try to fulfill them during the day. If we have dreams at night of harming people, we will try to harm others during the day. But if our dreams are of service, we will help as many as we can during the day. If we dream of our spiritual Masters, or God, at night, we will be carrying them with us during the day. Our daydreams and night dreams are connected, as the dreamer is the same. The only difference is that we can satisfy our dreams during the day physically and we satisfy our dreams at night mentally. The consistent word is dream. If we truly realize that everything is a dream, then we can enjoy life. If we can change our nightmare to a sweet dream in our sleep so, too, can we change our daytime fears into the dream we want to be in. Both are in our control. Change the dream and we have just changed the situation. — Satish Daryanani

Dreaming woman surrounded by flowers