Many claim they are great at closing deals. God receives the most deals. Everyone tries to negotiate with God. Most do not hear the voice of God, but feel that He has agreed with their proposals. We think we have negotiated deals to our liking. Children negotiate deals with their parents, and all the parents can do is smile. I, too, tried to negotiate with my spiritual Master when I was turning vegetarian. The secret to becoming the best deal maker is simple—have no attachments to what you seek. If the deal happens, well and good. If it does not, you must be able to walk away. When the other side sees that you do not care, they will not let the golden goose walk away. Try this even with God, “It is in Your hands. I am doing my best. I will give you a big portion of my profits. If the deal does not happen, You are very rich and do not need a share of the profits.” Leave the results to the greed of God. Man proposes, God disposes. — Satish Daryanani