We all have different points of view, so we . Truth is one, debates about it are many. Ignorance can be debated but wisdom cannot be described. Those fortunate few thousands who have realized the truth do not debate it. When two realized souls meet, they just gaze at each other. No words are needed, just the look of enlightenment. There are many ways to please the Lord, to show devotion, to let others know your faith. There are so many rituals, dos and don’ts, rules passed down through generations: seeing God as One who gets special treatment; seeing that He is very hard to please; debating that there is only one method, one path to win His grace. All debates stop when the truth is realized—that there is nothing but God. There is only the One in everyone and everything. Discuss what? Please whom? Fear which one? Break what rules? Long for which form? Follow which scripture? Pray for which incomplete desire? Above all, seek which journey after death? All these notions are erased, and we can laugh at our self-imposed rules and regulations. We debate with others trying to explain the existence and experience of God. All thinking, talking, and debating come to a full stop once the truth is revealed. If you do debate, do it for entertainment. Play with the ignorance of others. You are so bored, as there is nothing else to do. — Satish Daryanani