We are not able to make decisions easily. The main reason is our having attachments. If there is a cancer cell in the body, it has to be removed, no matter how painful it may be. We have to make correct, objective decisions if we want to maintain peace. No matter the losses, we have to bear them. They can even break relationships. Peace is above everything. First, choose what is valuable in your life—money, relationship, or peace. Make your decisions based on that. Then you will have no guilt in your life. Others will consider your decisions to be selfish ones, yet, in your heart, you know the truth. Once you decide, then nothing should change your mind. Be firm in your convictions. Know that these situations came to test you. See that you are honoring the greatest teachings from your Master. Nothing is worth disturbing your peace. So, if you pass the examination of making the correct decisions, then, automatically, you will make all decisions in the same manner. There will be no more decisions to make. Then, you will have peace, and, nothing but peace. — Satish Daryanani

Hand gesture showing a good decision