We have decisions to make daily. Some are small decisions and some can be life-changing. It could be to relocate your family and career. It may be a big financial decision. It could even be the biggest decision of going away from God or going toward God. Your whole life has to change if it is toward God. A big U-turn has to be made. All that is of value becomes valueless, as your goal in life is toward God. Nothing else should matter. Then come the testsYour time and money are wasted for no purpose. I could write books on how the tests take away all the logic in your life. Your time and money are wasted for no purpose. Things are told for you to do that do not make sense. All this is to test your obedience,  where your ego, “I,” is lost. Your reactions are tested to see if all you care about is going toward God. Every decision has a price. Please, at least make a decision, otherwise you will be stuck where you are. Whether it is a good or bad decision, only time will tell. At least you tried something new. — Satish Daryanani

Roadsign show right way in all directions