Most of us were absent on the first two or three of our birthdays. We may see videos and pictures of these events, but we were not present. It is the same whether you are ten days old or two years old. Only when you have memories, are you alive. The absence of your beingness means you have not yet arrived. So, till you find your true identity, you are unaware of your own presence. If the presence of the one talking is not there, the talk has no meaning. For example, ignorant people who talk about the Lord are easily forgotten. On the other hand, if people remember what you said about the Lord, then it is the Lord who has spoken. The Lord is ever present, but the divine’s existence is like non-existence. He or She exists in an unknowable state. In other words, in my non-being state, all this creation had not happened. All of them appeared with the appearance of my beingness. — Satish Daryanani