I asked a few people about the few deep thoughts I had posted. Some enjoyed them, while some did not get the true meaning behind them. Today, let’s explore “Avatar,” the form that you choose to be near and dear to you. At the moment of your death, there appears a haze. All that was important to you will show up along with your avatar. You can choose whatever you want. I got upset when I heard this. My spiritual Masters are my avatars. I might miss them because something stupid could draw my attention in the haze? This freedom of choice is given  when the avatar feels you do not want only them. While you are alive, you only want the Lord, or the avatar, then at the end, you have freedom from the haze. Instead of you grabbing them, the avatars grab you. Nothing else is of value to you. This priority will be tested many times in your life. If you pass it, there will be no haze. Only the smiling, loving face of your avatar in the light of peace will come to welcome you. This moment is not death, it is but the fulfillment of your entire life’s purpose. Ahh! I am waiting and longing for that moment. One day, it will come. — Satish Daryanani

A road in the middle of trees in winter