Over the years, my spiritual Masters told me many things. Some I understood right away, others took years to understand. They told me things, knowing that, after a lot of contemplation, one day they would make sense. These deep thoughts have to be contemplated to get the full meaning. One day I was told that the Guru-disciple relationship is not real. Even God and you are an illusion. It made me sad. Yet I know, if the Masters said it, it must be true. Hopefully, one day it will make complete sense. The Guru leads you to the Satguru within, which means that the outer guide leads you to the inner guide. The God, from outside, leads to the reflection of the God lying dormant within you. It’s not about listening, it’s really about experiencing it. It does not mean that,after you attain realization, you tell everyone you are God or the Guru. You know who you really are and keep quiet about it, or the world will think you are an egoistic crazy person. Then you are able to bless everyone, including yourself. The real you is the absolute—blessing the ignorant you. Now how can it be that birth and death, heaven and hell, God and you, liberated soul and seeker, giver and receiver of grace, creator and creation, human being and divine being, wisdom and ignorance, and the giver and the one expressing the dream is you? Please show only one aspect of yourself to the world, so you can continue living the life of an average Joe in the eyes of everyone. — Satish Daryanani

Meditation diagram