Those who have had a glimpse of peace have a slight idea as to what is out there. As they go deeper within, it gets clearer: Everything disappears. That is why they appreciate more and more the human form. They not only enjoy the worldly stuff, but also enjoy what is out there. For example, wisdom can be enjoyed, if there is some ignorance. If you know it all, there is nothing more to learn. Peace can be enjoyed while there is some restlessness in the mind. When you become one with the infinite, nothing can make pieces of your peace. Even the fun of complaining to God is gone. There is no complainer nor complaints. There is no need to rush to get anywhere. All questions of aliens, the universe, God, creation, rebirth, and so on, are all gone. No one is there to think of these unimportant things. It is just you with you and there is no you to enjoy you. So simple. When this is understood in this limited human form, every second becomes priceless. If you give value to yourself, it will be for a very limited time. Once this vessel is gone, everything about you is gone. — Satish Daryanani

Astronomical space