When we are in the non-being state, we are put in darkness for nine months in our mothers wombs without our choice. Going from non-being to being takes place with the force of nature. Those who spend time practicing austerities can, one day with grace, reach the non-being state while being in the physical body. That experience of being completely free from the body-mind complex is so wonderful that you do not wish to come back. The voice of the Lord, or of your spiritual Master, will tell you it is not your time. Out of obedience, you bring your awareness back to the physical form. This time, leaving the non-being and returning to the being becomes your freedom. Everything changes, as you can now enjoy the limitation of the being and serve others—not to gain anything—just out of love for the voice you obeyed. Every thought and action is experienced with gratitude to the one who blessed you with the gift of connecting with the non-being state. You are free from living a life of constant action and reaction and worry no more, “why this or that.” You are no longer concerned about what happens after you drop this body, as you have already experienced that state. The only hard task in life will be trying to put this experience into words. — Satish Daryanani

Lit candle - Gratefulness for being