Sometimes we get a delayed response when we tell a joke. We wonder if the other person understood the joke, if they got offended, heard the joke, or maybe just did not pay attention. We want instant responses for what we say or do. My spiritual Masters should have been poker players, for they would often not show any reactions. Their responses were sometimes delayed for days. Out of nowhere, they would bring up the topic I mentioned days earlier and would then respond to it, as if they needed so many days to think! God, too, gives delayed responses to our prayers and questions. I guess we are not ready for their reactions. They are testing our patience and faith. Till today, I do not have a clear answer for all their delayed reactions. All I know is that they are not deaf, they listen, they remember what we say and, when they feel the need to react, we will benefit from it. It is okay for me to accept the delayed response I may get to this thought, or no reaction at all. — Satish Daryanani