When we work on any project, delays will always occur. No matter how hard you try, one hurdle will lead to another. The day you are running late, you will find the biggest traffic jam. When you are in no hurry, all the roads will be empty. You will find that even God delays in answering your prayers. Delays test your patience. You might get upset and lose your temper. The longer the line, the slower the people serving you. So what can you do? There is no delay in your physical death. That will always be on time. So, we know God is punctual. No delay there. Then, sometimes, there are delays in getting grace. There are those who understand that delays are a major form of grace. I was trying to buy a property. The delays got me frustrated. I gave up. Thank God, I was not able to buy the property, as it had become devalued. The delay was grace. Now, when I leave early for my destination, I have no delays. If I am late, all sorts of delays slow me. So, please, go to the airport early and you will have no delays at the security line. Above all, if the Lord delays in revealing Himself, it is only to make sure you really want it. So, welcome delays, as you do not know the benefits that you can receive from them. — Satish Daryanani

sculpture of a patient man