On a plane yesterday, I saw another passenger deleting a lot of pictures from his phone. He probably needed to free space on his phone. We take so many pictures, as doing so is free and we do not have to pay for the film or printing. How many of us go back and see all the pictures we have taken in our lifetime? I have a lot of pictures of my spiritual Masters hanging on the walls of my apartment. Once, one of my Masters mentioned these pictures should be in my heart and not only the walls. I kept that in my mind. Each and every wonderful experience is now in my heart. I do not have to delete them nor do I run out of space. Every moment with all my Masters are within me. I do not go back and see any old picture. The human form is born to enjoy all the sages and saints. Eventually all the pictures of God, or the saints, disappear into inner peace and joy. Just the cool light of their presence remains. If there is one picture I wish I could take, it is the smile of the faceless one that is loving, protecting, and guiding me—the anchor of my life. No selfie is needed with Him, as the self does not exist while He is present. — Satish Daryanani