Today, there is so much oil that we can get paid to take and store it. When oil is in short supply, the price can go to over $150 a barrel. Now, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, masks, and other medical equipments are in short supply, so their prices are soaring. If you buy things when they are not in demand, there is a chance you can profit from them. God, too, is a businessman. He knows He is in high demand and does not overcharge. He is on a long-term business plan, increasing His customer base everyday. It’s like Netflix giving a free month of service to get future customers. Demand and supply drives our market. Spirituality is similar. When everything is perfect in the world, who cares about finding the answer to, “Who am I?” Now that there is not much to do, we wonder, “What is the purpose of life? There must be more than what I can see or understand.” If Spiritual Masters could travel now and spread the teachings, they would have a larger audience, as people are more receptive to their teachings. Change in supply and demand can be profitable for those who have no fear and take advantage of the opportunity.  — Satish Daryanani