A child can become anything—poor or rich, ignorant or a sage. What is at the root that enables everything to happen? The root, or seed, is the same in all. The knower of this truth sees everyone as equal. He will not look for a hand-out or a free-ride, as the starting point for all is the same. He will not blame karma, or situations, for his failures. He will not be jealous, as all have equal opportunities to attain whatever they want. He does not blame God for his own shortcomings. He takes over the reins of his life. Those who have this attitude will always be successful. They will not even beg for grace. Leave the job of giving grace to God and do not interfere with His plans. Depending on the government, charitable organizations, or family and friends will get you nowhere. After attaining worldly success, you will one day learn to depend on yourself. You will experience God and seek the truth and not just wait for the magic of grace. Depend on yourself for everything and let God give you a helping hand, if He chooses to do so. — Satish Daryanani

Trust Yourself on blackboard with woman in front