We experience physical pain as well mental pain. Those on the spiritual path have different types of pain. The first being the pain of longing, the sweet sorrow of separation. You are yearning for the Lord, but do not want the Lord. You are just enjoying the pain of separation. Then, when the Lord decides to reveal himself to you the second form of pain begins. The pain of gratitude. “Why me, O Lord? You gave me the gift of you.” That gratitude comes in the form of pain in your throat and not in the words, “Thank you, Lord.” Then, one day when you sit in silence, you will get to experience God’s love. All the pain so far took place because of your love for Him. But His love is far greater. The third form of pain takes place when you realize His love for this wretched self. This pain is the hardest to bear. No words can describe it. Once you experience His love for you, all physical and mental pains vanish. Even the pain of longing. You feel the pain of His love for you. Experiencing this pain is the greatest pain of all. – Satish Daryanani

Praying young woman in a field of yellow flowers