Suppose one day the news covers that there are no fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, financial crises, immigration issues, coronavirus, or any other stuff they normally cover. Will the news be that today is a perfect day, that there are no stories to cover, so let’s enjoy ourselves? No one will watch the news and the ratings will go down. The world needs turmoil for all those who cover the news. We watch and listen to bring out our emotions of anxiety, anger, fear and stress. This is business so God provides daily material to entertain us. We all seek well-balanced, perfect lives but God purposely did not make it from outside. It’s like seeing the ocean from high above instead of going deep within. It’s a whole new world for those who dive. Jacques Cousteau filmed the wonders of the ocean to inspire us to dive. Unfortunately, the inner world within cannot be filmed but it is far better than what the oceans offer us. Watch the news, get affected and then shut your eyes and enjoy the perfect day which will make all news companies go out of business. Satish Daryanani