Many wars have been fought because people do not believe that there are different paths to reach the same goal. These thoughts are only one of the paths, but not the only path. The thoughts are based on devotion, as that was the path my spiritual Masters followed. Devotion leads to the path of wisdom and, eventually, to the path of nothingness. All paths disappear, as you reach the top the world. It’s a lonely path but you are not alone. You may often be misunderstood, as many people do not understand the simplicity of the path. No other is needed on this journey, just the guide to show you the entry point. There are no rituals to observe, no props are needed, and there are no limitations of time. You set your own pace. Heaven will wait for you. If you are fed up with the world, you will run faster to reach your goal. I hope we all meet there soon, so we can discuss and laugh at our experiences on the various paths. — Satish Daryanani