When we travel internationally, we find different electrical sockets. We have to carry adapter plugs to match the sockets. Electricity is the same, outputs are different. If you do not have the right adapter, your electric devices will not work. With God, who is the ultimate electric current, it is the same. Different countries and religions are different sockets to get to the same source. If you do not follow the procedures, you will have no access to God and you are discharged from the community and society. The fear of your battery running low gives no access to the real electricity. People yield to the rules of the community. They say, “This is the only way to God and has been for generations. Therefore, it is correct.” If you figure out the universal plug that can connect directly to the source, you get excommunicated. Spirituality frees you from the limitations of the sockets. It is the direct wire to the electricity. You do not need a plug. It gives you the real shock. The current runs directly through you. It’s your choice—carry different sockets to fit into the world or become the shining bulb that is permanently connected to the source. — Satish Daryanani

Various electric adaptors