I know a person who loves reading so much that, even if a wedding processing were to go by, he would not get disturbed. Today’s children, while playing video games, do not notice the delicious food kept next to them, even if they are starving. When we are watching a sporting event, television, or a movie, we get lost in it. The reason is that, if we love something and are completely engrossed in it, nothing can disturb us. When we do our studies, our jobs, or sit in silence we do not have the same focus. How can you love all that you do? First, know the benefits of your actions. If you study hard, you will earn a degree and have a wonderful career. If you enjoy your work you will have success and your 40-60 hour week will become a breeze. Above all, if you enjoy silence, there is nothing in this world that can disturb you. — Satish Daryanani