Yes, spiritual Masters do worry—out of love. They are concerned that their devotees have not yet awakened. They have no concerns about themselves, as they know the truth. Instead, they choose to get involved in helping us. They know we worry about our lives, which are only dreams. Yet their words do not change us. Until we awaken, all their energy is wasted. If we don’t really listen, they will leave their bodies unaccomplished. They give us so much love that it is hard for them to watch us suffer for an illusion. Imagine all our stress coming from watching Netflix and movies in other theatres. We get miserable from seeing the reflection of our dreams. That is what the Masters feel. They, too, would like us to have a carefree life like theirs. Like a parent’s concern for a child, their concern is only for our well-being. They, who have no concerns in life, spend time concerning themselves with the lives of their loved ones. — Satish Daryanani