Whether you live completely in the world or renounce it, it does not mean you will experience God. Taking a lot of action or no action at all makes no difference. It is a matter of attitude, or the state of our minds, that lets us enjoy peace with the presence of God in our lives. You can give all the donations and serve many, yet without the presence of God, our lives are empty. Don’t look for God in a holy place, look for the God that’s real in your life. Then anything you do or don’t will not disturb your peace. What we can do is to discover God, which can only happen when nothing is happening—a lot of effort without any effort. This is the irony of life. One day, you will realize that nothing has happened, is happening, or will happen. All the stress and anxiety in your life is for nothing. If you do things knowing you are not the doer, then you are free from what happens or does not happen. We only suffer because all that we do has a selfish motive behind it. Even God is loved because we want to benefit from Him. When there is no selfishness we have to do nothing and God comes to us. — Satish Daryanani

Finding the inner God