Those who fight wars go through horrific experiences and have trouble sleeping. When we sleep, our minds are less occupied and our subconscious minds go to things that disturb us. When we sit in silence, we spend time going through whatever we have done or experienced. The memories of our experiences get magnified. Doing good deeds is misunderstood. It is not that St. Peter allows us to enter the gates of heaven. It is so that, when we sit in silence, we can experience heaven in the form of peace. Good deeds do not disturb our minds. It is what we are not supposed to do that pricks our conscience. We will never experience heaven, as we have to live with ourselves, which is hell, based on the deeds of our lives. Doing good deeds is selfish, as it benefits me instantly. I get to enjoy being with myself. All that we do comes back to us when we are by ourselves. So, to escape from themselves people drink, take drugs, and go to therapists. They can never experience peace. Do good deeds not for the benefit of others, nor for the benefit in your next life, nor for your soul to go to heaven, but do them to enjoy heaven on earth in this very moment. — Satish Daryanani