We are not supposed to be attached to doing good. That attachment also can disturb your peace. If everything is done in the spirit of service, that helps everyone, including yourself. If you are attached, then a selfish motive takes place. For example, if I’m attached to writing this thought as my daily good deed, then my imprint is on this thought. Instead, when I am just the typist, the free flow comes. I have no impact on it. If your whole life is lived in that spirit, everything that is happening through you is perfect. Whether others benefit or not is not your concern. The number of followers on Instagram is not important. You do not seek heaven or good karma. You are not trying to improve your balance sheet of sins and service. You are not even trying to get good points with God. You are living in the correct spirit, where your existence may or may not have value. You know the real you, other opinions will not matter. You are living carefree, like a flowing river that will go back to its source one day. If this feeling is experienced once, then you become like Niagara Falls. The mist from your flow does good to you and to all around you. — Satish Daryanani

Niagra Falls