Someone told me, “You must be spreading the teachings as a form of love for the Lord.” I said, “No.” We must do everything only to entertain ourselves. If someone benefits from your thoughts, words, and actions, that is a bonus. If you are giving a talk in front of a large audience and only a single person gets some benefit, then your entertainment becomes useful. Now, when it comes to the love of God, your actions or inactions have nothing to do with your love. Cherishing everything that you go through in life shows your love, as it all comes from the loving hands of the Lord. Secondly, love has no desires, not even to please the Lord. Just love Him because of His love for you. You really have no choice but to give love back. True love is wanting nothing but to be permanently in the lap of the Lord. You are living because He has some use for you. So, until the curtain closes on this human birth enjoy the show. But please do not say you are doing it for the love of God. True love is losing yourself completely in God. — Satish Daryanani