When I speak or write something, some people may miss the chance to understand and I am misunderstood. Even spiritual Masters and God are misunderstood, otherwise we would all be living in heaven right here, right now. We misunderstand because we do not let someone complete their sentence. Our presumptions block our chance to learn something new. We are stuck with our beliefs that were planted by our families, castes, and religions. For example, being humble does not make you weak. You may think others will take advantage of you, but it will not affect your career and position in society. Your spouse will not make you their doormat. Real humility is letting the world think you are still a lion while, in your heart, you are filled with so much gratitude that, in the eyes of God, you become a lamb. The world may think you are egotistical, which is good for you, as you remain humble instead of having a big ego. There are so many situations that volumes of books could be written on being misunderstood. Start with one thing, try not to misunderstand the true nature of what others are doing for you. — Satish Daryanani

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