There are those who are driven. They do not need encouragement to push themselves. If anything, they are told to take it easy, that heaven can wait. This is a blessing and a curse. They achieve a lot and yet, can burn out easily. They can lose family and friends along the way, as no one can keep up with their pace. They can succeed easily in worldly matters. A driven person is capable of changing the world. If that drive is used in the correct manner, they can transform their lives completely. The Spiritual Masters love these people of action. They are useful to them. They have positive energy and nothing gets them down. They usually speak and text fast. They are not patient. According to them, the world is in slow motion. Everything should happen yesterday, even today is too late. Gossip is not in their vocabulary, as it is a waste of time. They are poor listeners. People will think they are egoistic and self-centered. Yet, they live in their own world where nothing can stop them. It is that drive which can free you from all the constraints of this world. Even God will not be able to hold you back. You want something, you can get it. All you have to do is want the priceless gift in this human form: the gift of self-discovery. — Satish Daryanani