I saw the movie, Spencer, which was based on a portion of the life of Princess Diana. Having all the luxuries, name and fame, her life was miserable, as she did not get love. Love is like water. Without it, our lives are dry. It could a blessing if you go hunting for God’s love instead of going into depression. I have been fortunate to get love from my spiritual Masters, family and friends. Still something was missing in my life. Outside love has ups and downs which is why people fight and then have to make up. God’s love has no conditions or arguments. It’s there for everyone to enjoy without even having to say, “Thank you.” If you get lonely, enjoy the love. When your friends call you to party, you can pause the love with the remote of your mind. So even if the Queen or your spouse shows you no love, you do not end up being a dry leaf. Satish Daryanani