My apartment building has four elevators. We normally meet new people and say, “Good morning,” or “Have a good day.” Today, only two of the elevators were working. All the strangers started talking to each other, complaining about the building, the maintenance, etc. If someone asks you about your health and you say it is perfect, the conversation stops. You mention you have an upset stomach, suddenly you are surrounded by strangers who became doctors overnight recommending remedies. If you say God is going a good job, there is nothing to talk about but, if you say what He needs to do to improve the world, everyone has an opinion. Even in business, if you say it is excellent, then there is nothing to talk about. If you complain, then everyone will join you. They will blame the government, the economy, and everything but themselves for the poor business. If you have a prune face, who will want to deal with you? If you want to have a conversation with anyone, bring up a problem and suddenly strangers will become your friends. If you live in a world of perfection you will lead a life of solitude and silence. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of man entering a crowded elevator