We eat organic fresh food and can enjoy many vegan choices. We read the ingredients and the nutritional values of the packaged food we eat. Many people have quit smoking, as we care for lungs. Our minds, too, are being fed better thoughts, as we work on our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Those who read these thoughts are on this path of self-discovery. We complicate our lives unnecessarily. If all aspects of our lives are in harmony, we will have nothing else to do. We will have no need to seek God. The awareness of God occurs when we are in harmony. Many religions give us this harmony one day a week by relieving our burdens in our lives. Once we imbibe this drug of harmony, every day becomes a Sunday. Everything we take in through our senses has to be digested by us. Keep everything fresh and clean so there is less taxation on your system. — Satish Daryanani