In the Unites States, when we have an emergency, we call 911. Other countries have their own codes. In an aircraft emergency, oxygen masks fall so we can breathe. Boats are equipped with flare guns, which you can fire to call for help. So what is the code to call God when there is an emergency? It is simple, “Let go.” I went on a trek to Mount Kailash and at night, at 19,000 feet,  I just could not breathe. I thought I was going to die. As I gave up and said to the Lord, ”See you soon,” God got scared and probably thought, “Oh dear, I will have to deal with this crazy boy.” Suddenly, I was able to breathe like normal and did not even feel cold. I was actually sweating on a frigid, cold night. When you give up completely, all fears, anxieties are gone. There is no emergency, as grace pours in immediately. So the next time there is an emergency, mentally dial 000 with the understanding that means you are nothing. Let the Lord do His job, either as a fire man, doctor, policeman, or a loving parent.— Satish Daryanani

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