We watch movies which create in us a variety of emotions. We get happy, sad, angry, afraid. We watch the news and our emotions get elevated, as we think the news is real. When we see something happening in front of us our emotions get more affected, as we are watching the action in real time. If something happens to our loved ones, our emotions reach a breaking point. And if we experience something traumatic, we can be completely consumed by our emotions. The more real we feel that things are the higher the state of our emotions. From the illusion of a movie to reality, we feel our experiences. Even though both are the illusions, we give priority to the illusion. That is why we go through the roller coaster ride of emotions. If we treat life as a movie that we are watching, then our emotions make watching this movie fun. If there are no emotions involved at all, you will be watching a blank screen. Enjoy your emotions but don’t get so emotional that others feel you are over acting in this drama of life. — Satish Daryanani