A. By answering this question, I am going to lose all my audience. If that happens, I will be happy. As one goes deep within, the doubts, delusions, and interrogations disappear. It’s like when the sun rises, the mist disappears. Slowly, with grace, as you grow, the problems of life dissolve into the ever-abiding truth of existence. Our duty is only to intensify the inner purity with our daily spiritual practices. Slowly, all the spiritual teachings you have heard and read become clear. The only doubts you can have in life are, “Have I done enough? Do I have enough gratitude for all that is given to me?” The small doubts can go, but, to keep yourself in line, feel that there is still a long way to go. To enjoy life, play with the doubts of others—like children who think parents have babies because they simply kissed, or the children who think this world is real. Laugh when you are alone at the doubts that people have about life after death. Above all, I thank God for the questions, otherwise, I will be bored and out of a job. Please, evolve slowly so I can always be entertained. When you do get it, please enjoy the show of ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

Question marks on warning signs