If you ask anyone why they want to be in heaven, they will say so they can enjoy life. More than heaven, I enjoy listening to people who describe heaven and want to be there permanently. Listening to them, I am concerned that everyone wants a one-way ticket. Who, then, is going to come back? The human population will end. Yet, those who go to heaven may want to return, as they may find the so-called heaven boring. This is a tough statement but, very important: We cannot enjoy enjoyment. If we could, we would not entangle ourselves in all the stupid things we do. Many cannot even enjoy the money they have. They do everything to earn more so that they may enjoy the additional money, not what they currently have. As soon as a president wins an election, he or she starts working on their re-election. We work hard for future enjoyment rather than enjoying the present. Enjoying life means you have to be alive. You cannot enjoy after you are dead. So, your imaginary heaven with imaginary happiness for eternity is nothing but your unfulfilled dream. Enjoying everything that happens gives you the ability to have joy permanently. Even if I get upset, I enjoy that, too. — Satish Daryanani