You watch movies, sports, plays, concerts, read books, and more to entertain yourself. If you want to retire, you need to do things to keep your mind occupied. Either you have hobbies, spend time in silence, or serve. We have 24 hours in a day. To the one who knows how to entertain himself daily, the day feels like 24 minutes. For those who struggle, the day feels like 240 hours, never-ending. The one who performs his duties, job, sports, spiritual practices, and service as a form of entertainment enjoys his life. All is for fun. As you are able to tap into the wisdom within you, not only will you be able to write a thought for the day, but also a 365-page book of daily thoughts. Entertaining yourself with the Divine peace, wisdom, and the world within—along with all the entertainment from outside, a day feels short and your whole life will go by feeling there was not enough time to enjoy. – Satish Daryanani

2 happy children playing in a cistern