My beloved Master told me that the one who has these two needs nothing else. With enthusiasm and excitement, there is nothing that cannot be attained. With excitement, every day is worth living. With enthusiasm, you want to discover all that there is within you. You want to see God so you can experience all that you have heard about Him. You are even excited about your own death so you can see your beloved Masters again. You can experience the astral form, and even be excited about Hell so you can see and feel how hot the fires are. You will even help others, if only for your excitement. You will get up every morning with the joy of experiencing a new thought, sent to others so you can enjoy the comments that come. You will have the enthusiasm for learning new skills or seeing the different cultures of the world. The sign of such persons is that their lives are full of wonder. They do not want the same repetitive boring life. What next? A new dawn means a whole new life every day. The power of enthusiasm can transform people’s lives. They are never down with themselves or the circumstances they face. OH!!!! Those blessed souls who have this, truly live. — Satish Daryanani

Excited woman in pink turban